Light Commercial Vehicle Heater hoses

Heating hoses made by Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. A.Ş. compatible with light commercial vehicles are part of the engine cooling and heating system of vehicles. Heater hoses made of premium quality imported rubber play an important role in cooling the engine and heating the vehicles.

Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As. provides high quality and strength heating hoses for light commercial vehicles using high quality rubber. Thanks to its high resistance, the hoses provide a safe and trouble-free use experience for a long time. With its pioneering quality in the industry, customers who prefer the heating hoses produced for commercial vehicles enjoy the safe and warm travel in their vehicles.

Heater hoses compatible with commercial vehicles produced by Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As. are designed to give the highest resistance against heat damage and they are produced in our facility with a capacity of 10,000 molds, using the highest quality imported rubber raw materials, Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As. Provides highest quality and assurance. Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As. has always been the first choice for customers and has never left customers who prefer their own products. Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As. produces first-class and high-quality raw material heating hoses suitable for working in all conditions and conditions resistant to heavy and difficult conditions brought by commercial work.

The rubber hoses produced with the quality of rubber are used for the longest time with the most modern techniques by using high engineering and production processes in order to ensure that the comfort of the commercial vehicle, which is the duty of the vehicle heating, and the cabin of the commercial vehicle, does not decrease the driving comfort in the harsh winter conditions in our country and in the world, manufactured for customers by Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As.

 Rubber heating hoses produced with high quality against all tear and freezing problems that commercial vehicle drivers may experience in winter conditions are the raw materials brought from abroad, made into the final product as a result of processing in Şah Hortum San. ve Tic. As. facilities and It is presented to the market to meet the need for heating hose of the customers.